Echoing his last 7 collections, designer Do Manh Cuong continued with a serious tone for the debut of his 8th collection titled “Countryside”. True to its name, the stage was transformed into a bold, pastoral setting with dozens of straw heaps and bright red lights shining down on the catwalk to evoke the sun setting. The catwalk took the team several months to prepare, a labor-intensive effort that portrayed the countryside in detail, and was then transported from the west of Vietnam to Ho Chi Minh City.

In what can only be described as a poetic affair, Do Manh Cuong launched four separate collections linked together by the delicate sense of a French student enjoying the peaceful beauty of the countryside in summer. The 4 collections were: jeans, caro, chrysanthemum motifs and tassels, with a total of 185 designs. “Countryside” was not only a fashion show with a tight and perfect display of the costumes on a marvellous runway which served to further raise the profile of the designer, it also showed the enthusiasm of Do Manh Cuong to bring the audience closer to the splendid environment of fashion and sophistication in the capital of French fashion where he had studied and then worked after graduation.  


Singer Ho Ngoc Ha’s concert enjoyed an evening of success on 20/4/2016 at GEM Center, with many long-lasting euphoric moments. As a special tribute to her friends and loyal fans, the concert lasted for 2 hours with the joyful participation of 800 guests. Ho Ngoc Ha continuously performed 25 songs live with local band Hoai Sa. The choreography of the “Love Songs” concert was exquisite and sophisticated, but remained emotional and accessible for the audience. Ho Ngoc Ha’s passionate performance and her incredibly powerful voice won the audience over, and she continued to receive warm applause throughout the show.


The fashion industry’s most anticipated event - Vietnam International Fashion Week (VIFW) Spring/Summer 2016 – took place from 23 - 26 April, 2016 at GEM Center. With a bonanza of 19 extravagant shows, each starring various local talents as well as internationally famous names, the affair was a lavish opportunity for all fashion lovers to feast their eyes on a “banquet” of the latest haute couture discoveries on the fashion scene.

Following last season’s use of the classic Vietnamese cultural symbols of conical hats and two rice baskets on a pole, this season VIFW continued to promote the spirit of Vietnam internationally by using the image of a lotus. For the first time ever, fans were also able to enjoy an excellent hologram technology as part of the show. The skilful arrangements together with the sublime music and stunning visual effects further elevated the designs and regaled the audience with a magnificent event where art and fashion came together.


May 25, US President Barack Obama attended an exchange with members of the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) at GEM Center in HCM City. Launched in 2013, the YSEALI is U.S. President Obama's signature program to strengthen leadership development and networking in Southeast Asia.The event attracted the participation of 800 students from different universities in HCM City, business representatives and the former Vietnamese Ambassador to the EU, Ms Ton Nu Thi Ninh. At the event, President Obama delivered a speech on critical topics identified by youth in the region including civic engagement, environment and natural resources management, and entrepreneurship and economic development.


The 6th Annual Scar of Life event held May 27 to raise funds for poor children with congenital heart disease was a success for all involved. Ms. Ngo Thanh Van hosted the event for Heartbeat Vietnam, a program of VinaCapital Foundation, at GEM Center in Ho Chi Minh City. This annual fundraiser, always a unique charity event, brings together a passionate group of celebrities, CEO’s, government leaders and the cream of Vietnamese society to have an unforgettable night of food, fun and entertainment while saving the lives of hundreds of poor children. The program also includes activities, such as “1,000 photos of mothers and their children” campaign, “Story of mother”, and a project of a film titled “10 steps” telling about a boy with congenital cardiac disease. The grand total, over $250.000, was raised during the fundraiser where a collection of donated luxuries were auctioned.


Porsche World Roadshow Night 2016 – an impressive event with 3 cars displayed at the grand ballroom. The impressive event "Porsche World Roadshow 2016 Night" has brought 3 newest cars of 911 model for displaying inside grand ballroom and at the foyer. It has brought a new trend for event when the ballroom has turned into a luxurious bar where all guests could chill out, relax and enjoy the moment.


There were over 300 guests who are the very first members of the Southern Lexus Vietnam family. Lexus tribute to all customers a luxurious night with special art performances from the singer Y Lan, the Binh Minh band and the pianist Nguyen Quang…Especially Christine Ha, 2012 American Master Chef’s Winner, has exclusively brought the delicacy from her recipes to the dishes. Also world-known sommelier To Viet has tasted and chosen the premium wine bottles for the guests delivering unforgettable experiences.


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